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About Us

We're driven to build products that people love to use. It's why we get up in the morning. We love when we talk with people about what we're doing and they say, "I totally need that!"

Getting excited by others' excitement...there isn't anything more satisfying.

Our Team

Music by "Awesome"

Gatherball's founding team met way back in 2002 at a startup called Wildseed.

Since then they have been building award-winning consumer mobile products together for over nine years. In addition to helping design and build the first Linux-based cell phone released in the US market, they managed the team that built a portable media player named by Yahoo Tech as one if its Top 10 Gadgets of 2007.

Gatherball is also a graduating company of the Founder Institute, an incubator program helping launch meaningful and enduring companies around the world.

Paul Watts

Co-Founder, CEO

OneBusAway for Android. HTC. AOL. Wildseed. Microsoft. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.
View Paul Watts' LinkedIn profileView Paul Watts' profile Paul Watts on AngelList

Paul Watts' 14-year career involves starting multiple startups, leading development teams across multiple product cycles, and building apps that people love to use. Paul has a passion for mobile, social, and learning new things to be passionate about.

Paul studied Computer Science & Mathematics at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Jonathan Nelson

Co-Founder, Product Design

RealNetworks. AOL. Wildseed. University of Washington.
View Jonathan Nelson's LinkedIn profileView Jonathan Nelson's profile Jonathan Nelson on AngelList

Jonathan Nelson's career has spanned Fortune 50 companies and nine-person startups in the mobile product space. He's designed the UI for an award-winning cell phone as well as a portable music player and Unifi by RealNetworks.

Jonathan studied Computer Science & Design at University of Washington.

Ben Demboski

Co-Founder, Engineering

RealNetworks. AOL. Wildseed. Reed College.
View Ben Demboski's LinkedIn profileView Ben Demboski's profile Ben Demboski on AngelList

Ben Demboski has been a nerd for as long as he can remember. He has spent his time exploring the mobile space and, more recently, running the development team at RealNetworks that built the Unifi media cloud service.

Our Advisors

Cindy Engstrom

CEO, Sircle Advertising

View Cindy Engstrom's LinkedIn profileView Cindy Engstrom's profile Cindy Engstrom on AngelList

Cindy Engstrom is the CEO of Is That Odd, a company that has launched a new advertising platform on an evolved website concept. Cindy is a serial start up-preneur. She is a seasoned marketing pro from her tenures at Wildseed and @mobile. There is nothing she loves more than creating something completely new and showing it off to the world (ok, and getting acquired).

Cindy studied business administration at Marquette University, earning her MBA. She also studied at the University of Antwerp in Belgium and earned her BA at the University of Toronto.

Bart Reynolds

Co-Founder, LLaminim

View Bart Reynolds' LinkedIn profileView Bart Reynolds' profile

Bart Reynolds was born in Alabama but has spent most of his life in the Pacific Northwest. He received his BS in Computer Science from Western Washington University in 1982, and spent the next seven years doing pioneering work in electronic design automation for the semiconductor industry. Bart eventually resumed his software career at technology startup companies both local and in California. More recently Bart has owned Poco Wine Room, a highly regarded wine bar in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Peter Zatloukal

Partner Development Manager, Microsoft Corporation

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Peter Zatloukal recently rejoined Microsoft after a decade working in software startups and at the companies he helped sell them to. Prior to his return, Peter designed and built the first Linux-based smartphone certified in the U.S. by major operators, was VP of mobile development for AOL/Time Warner, shipped a WiFi-connected MP3 player and created an award-winning mobile cloud media locker service for RealNetworks.

Peter holds a degree in Business Administration and Information Systems from the University of Washington, and has over 25 domestic and international patents granted in wireless and cellular communications, systems scalability, and software technology.

Our Mission

To make things that people love.

Our Vision

A world where technology helps people live better, more fulfilled lives.

We believe in the goal of technology to help people collaborate and solve problems in their lives, and have a positive moral impact.

Our Core Values

Never stop learning.

  • We believe in constantly expanding our skills and horizons, both personally and professionally.
  • We accept failure as part of the learning process. Being afraid to fail is being afraid to learn.
  • Our success is achieved through listening and learning, not through assumptions or hubris.

Give more than you get.

  • We are driven to create more value than we capture.
  • We support the tech and startup community whenever we can.
  • We support open source software and contribute code back.

Passion over productivity.

  • We allow for side-projects and encourage everyone to try new things, help others, and manufacture serendipity.
  • We support a healthy work-life balance.

Responsibility over authority.

  • We believe people work best as peers and not in structured hierarchies.
  • Everyone should be free to create their best work.
  • We expect everyone to learn from their own mistakes.

Empathy over attack.

  • We maintain a respectful, positive, inclusive atmosphere.
  • We strive to see everyone's perspective.

Get In Touch

Gatherball is located in beautiful Seattle, with its "you'd better go now cause tomorrow it's gonna rain" weather. If you're the letter-writing type, we'd love to hear from you at:

Meevine, Inc.
821 2nd Ave, Suite 800
Seattle, WA 98104

Assuming you're a bit more modern than that, drop us a line at and we'll get back to you.